Real-time shader recompiling

I’ve added real-time shader recompiling in my 3D engine.
It also returns if the shader has been successfully compiled and if not, it returns the line of the error and what the problem could be.
In the future, I’d like to incorporate my code editor in my Scene Editor so I don’t have to rely anymore on external edtiros (in this video I use Visual Studio Code).


A Simple Test of Character Animation done in OpenGL using Assimp Library

Asset loading is a pain in the arse let’s face it! I’ve made a Collada parser in Java and it’s not a fun thing to do, believe me.
So I’ve decided to test the OpenSource Assimp Library to make a simple animated-character loading test.
It took me a while because there aren’t many examples or tutorials out there but finally I’ve come up with a working example.
It still uses OpenGL fixed-function pipeline and Vertex Array to keep it simple in the rendering department.
Here is a short video of the example in action.