Anime style cel-shading render in Blender

A quick test of Non-photorealistic-rendering trying to imitate anime shading.
The render has been done in Blender using a simple Lambert material with a 2 colors Ramp Shader  attached and specularity turned off.

I’ve tried to reproduce the cell-shading look in realtime using GLSL shader in the GLSL View of Blender.


Modeling a 3D Anime Head

I’m a huge fan of Anime and Japanese RPG and I’ve always wanted to be able to model characters who looked like the ones in Final Fantasy games.
There are many ways to reach that goal, you could use blueprints but they’re very difficult to find on the net so I’ve decided to look how “mangaka” draw characters head on paper and then I’ve tried to emulate it on 3D using the box modeling technicque to cut out the need of blueprints.
Here are two videos of my method used on Blender and Maya. I prefer Blender in this particular case.
The Mac OSX operating system you see in these videos is running on my PC not on an Apple Mac 😀 I love Hackintosh!